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Partners Produce Facts: 

• Partners Produce Inc, is equipped to pack 2000 bags per hour.
• Onion supplies com from our farm plus that of local growers. 
• Our packs consist of 50, 25, and 10# sacks, consumer bags consist of 5, 3, and 2#.
• We also pack in 50 and 25# cartons. 
•We have totes or supersacks in yellow, reds, and whites.
•Yearly contracting is available.
• We have yearly ranch, packing, and processing audits all by a secured third party well known in the industry as Primus Labs

Retail Consumer Packs
Partners Produce has a full line of consumer packs available. Partners Produce is the exclusive supplier to a large retail club store chain. Retail consumer packs can be filled with any color and any size of onion desired. The sacks are then packaged in large tote bins, usually containing 750 pounds of consumer bags.



ConsumerBags                        Onions                                          Sizes

2 Pounds                                  Yellows                                       Pre-Pak

3 Pounds                                   Whites                                        Medium

5 Pounds                                    Reds                                           Jumbo

10 Pounds                                                                                Colossal Super



Food Service
Partner's Produce has a full line of products specifically designed for the food service industry. From mesh bags to cartons to whole peeled onions in cartons. The Idaho Oregon area is synonymous with the blooming onion sold in many restaurant chains. And Partner's Produce provides the Super Colossal onion to some of these chains. Food service Cartons and Sacks can be filled with any color and any size of onion desired.


Cartons                                             Onions                                      Sizes

25 Pounds                                        Yellows                                   Pre-Pak

50 Pounds                                         Whites                                    Medium

                                                             Reds                                       Jumbo

                                                                                                      Colossal Super


Mesh Sacks

10 Pounds

25 Pounds

50 Pounds


Bulk Onions
Partner's Produce also packs in bulk containers serving the processing industry. We pack onions in mesh bags, totes or super sacks for various food processors including onion ring processors. Yellows, whites and reds can be sized, inspected and packed for processors in bulk containers. This helps reduce handling and the cost of smaller containers. Contact our sales department for contracted bulk onion needs.

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