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Partners Produce Facts: 

• Plant sits on more than 16 acres
• Over 350,00 sq. ft. Plant
• Over 200 loyal employees
• More than 2500, 50# bag capacity per hour
• 6 Foremen overseeing operations
• All Primus approved w/HACCP
• Facility, farm, and processing audits done yearly.
• SQF Audits performed yearly 
• Kosher Certified 
• Upstanding member of the NW Minority Council

 George is the son of a migrant farm worker. In 1971 he bought a farm west of Ontario, Oregon, and little by little over the years the farm grew. Today,

George and Lupe built their farm while working full-time at another onion packing warehouse. He worked at the packing warehouse during the day and went home to work on the farm in the evenings. He worked at the packing warehouse for more than 20 years.

Rodriguez Farms was a family operation, besides mother Lupe, who did a lot of the field work during the day; there was also the help of their three children, George Jr., Monica and Eddie. Today the farming operation is managed by George Jr. and Eddie.

Partners Produce was established in 1998. In 1999 a second packing line was installed to increase capacity to more than 2,500, 50 pound bags per hour. An onsite raw onion storage facility holding 4,500 bins of onions was added in 2000.


Partners Produce over the years:
2003- Partner's Produce began processing whole peeled onions.

2004- a 6,000 square foot processing facility was built adjacent to the existing buildings.

2006- a freezing line complete with a state of the art blancher/cooler and freezing tunnel was installed as an extension to the existing whole peeled processing line.

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